Marijuana Odor Removal

With the use of medically prescribed marijuana (and the use of it without a prescription) many more people are being exposed to the odor it causes. Marijuana smoke is as pungent as cigarette or cigar smoke and can cause the same offensive reaction in people around it.

Marijuana smoke contains the same microscopic smoke residue that clings to soft and pliable surfaces as tobacco or cigarette smoke. Two or more weeks of exposure to marijuana smoke is equivalent to the smoke damage that is caused by a fire. The smoke microorganisms from the marijuana smoke seeps into soft and pliable materials such as carpet, draperies, upholstery and clothing and create a stale and musty odor that is almost impossible to remove.

AAA Odor Removal's unique machines are extremely effective in eliminating odors from marijuana smoke damage because they attack smoke odors at their source. As the unit runs and circulates ozone throughout the room it oxidizes the microorganisms following the same path that the marijuana smoke took when it entered the soft materials. Odors are removed at their source, including the residue that clings to surfaces.

Severe marijuana smoke damage may require longer treatments.

What you'll get is a fresh, clean, odor free environment!
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